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Branch Pipes And


A length of pipe which has one or more branches.

Moving Fast
AL 63mm Constant Flow Nozzle (Branch Pipe with Pistol Grip - Handline Nozzle)
0.00 0.0 USD
Constant Flow Nozzle “UNILITE” having 2.5” size made of Aluminium Alloy hard anodized having male instantaneous flow discharge capacity 400-600 LPM @5.25Kgf./cm2. Spinning Teeth provided at the outlet give an effective dense fog. A Pistol Grip Handle.-
AL 75mm Aqua Foam Nozzle
135.28 135.28 135.28 USD
Aluminium 75mm (3") Aqua Foam Nozzle non-aspirating type and suitable for 2580 LPM Monitors with manual operation alongwith PVC Braided PICK-UP TUBE WITH STAINLESS
STEEL DIP TUBE suitable for manual operation.
Select-O-Flow Type Branch (Hand line Nozzle)
0.00 0.0 USD


SS 63mm Jumbo Curtain Nozzle (SS:304)
0.00 0.0 USD

SS 63mm Jumbo Curtain Branch
GM 100mm Monitor Nozzle
65.34 65.34 65.34 USD
GM 63mm Hand Controlled Branch Pipe Nozzle Chrome Plated
69.30 69.30 69.3 USD

Gun Metal 63mm Hand Control Branch chrome plated
AL 63mm Multitip Hand Controlled Nozzle with 27,20,15 and 12.5mm Nozzle Outlet
0.00 0.0 USD

AL 63mm Multitip Hand Controlled Nozzle with 27, 20,15 and 12.5mm Nozzle Outlet

Body made of Gunmetal, Nozzles from Aluminium
Al 63mm Special Branch
38.23 38.23 38.230000000000004 USD
Special branch is a basic fire fighting nozzle. It is very light weight nozzle.It has lower flow rates and shut-off facility. An additional curatin facility gives the operator better protection form rediated heat.
GM 63mm Shivling Nozzle (NOZZLE SPRAY / JET AS PER DPIN 3027)
38.23 38.23 38.230000000000004 USD

Gunmetal 63mm Shivling Type Nozzle

Nozzle Branch Pipe Fire Hose Adjustable
AL Applicator Tube with Brass Nozzle
0.00 0.0 USD

AL Applicator Tube with Brass Nozzle and Swivel inlet to suit fog branch
GM 63mm Male Diffuser Nozzle (NAVY TYPE)
30.90 30.90 30.900000000000002 USD

Gunmetal 63mm Male Diffuser (Navy Type)
GM 63mm Branch Pipe with Nozzle ISI (M)
0.00 0.0 USD
GM 63mm Branch Pipe with Nozzle with ISI Mark
CO 63mm Branch Pipe With Nozzle (Long Branch Pipe)
0.00 0.0 USD

63mm Branch Pipe with Nozzle ( Pipe Copper & Nozzle & Male Gunmetal )
GM 63mm water / Mayur Curtain Nozzle
2,752.34 2,752.34 2752.34 USD
For quantity less than 10 Nos, whichever variant would be available in stock can be provided.
GM 50mm Male Diffuser Nozzle (NAVY TYPE)
0.00 0.0 USD

Gunmetal 50mm Male Diffuser (Navy Type)
SS 63mm Branch Pipe With Nozzle ISI Mark - DEVRAJ Make (B)
25.81 25.81 25.810000000000002 USD
GM 50mm Branch Pipe with Nozzle
0.00 0.0 USD
Gunmetal 50mm Branch Pipe with Nozzle
Gm 63mm Nozzle Spanner as per IS 903
5.90 5.90 5.9 USD
Gun Metal Nozzle Spanner
SS 63mm water Curtain Nozzle (SS Round Plate)
0.00 0.0 USD
Instantaneous Male Inlet - Stainless Steel Conforming to Grade 1 or 4 of IS : 3444 : 1999
Deflector Plate : SS 304 , Thickness Mimimum 5 mm
Washer : IS 937
The Curtain range angle should be 160 -180 degree
The operating Pressure should be 5 to 12 kg (f) / Cm2
0.00 0.0 USD
The nozzle shall be designed to provide a constant pressure of 100 PSI over the flow range between 70 – 200 GPM. The nozzle shall be able to allow for Straight Stream to Wide Fog patterns.
The nozzle shall have arrangements to flush without shutting down the flow. The nozzle shall be built from Hard Anodized Aluminium Alloy for excellent corrosion protection.
The nozzle shall have a pistol type grip which should provide excellent grip of the nozzle for fire fighters wearing gloves or using it bare handed. The shall have a Delrin / Non Metallic Ball Valve type mechanism for flow control.
The nozzle shall have a protective bumper at the top along with a Nylon Type teeth ring. The inlet of the nozzle shall be 63 mm British Standard Type Male Inst. Connection and shall have an inlet strainer of Stainless Steel to restrict the debris entering the nozzle flow stream.
The nozzle shall have laser engraved brand name, serial number, model number and QR Code from the OEM. The nozzle shall meet NFPA 1964 Standards and shall be CE certified to EN15182. The weight of the nozzle shall be less than 3 Kgs.