Goggles Chemical Splash Protector

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Chemical Splash goggles Protect eyes against hazardous chemical and dust, made of soft clear vinyl frame with high impact resistant, clear PETvisor and superiror adjustable elastic headband can be worn over personal spectacles comfortably. CLI -PerformanceTest approved as per BIS standard IS : 5983 : 1980.

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30-day money-back guarantee
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Specifications for Goggles Chemical Splash Protector

Design Parameters
Size Adjustable Elastic Head Band.
Weight 70 grams
MoC (Material of Construction)
Material Soft Vinyl Frame & Poly-carbonate Visor
Functional Parameters
Type Chemical Splash
Feature Woven elastic strap, air circulation plugs.
External Colour Clear
Brand Protector
Guarantee (From Manufacturing Defect) 1 year
Application Protection against dust and hazardous chemical & area exposed to splashes of chemicals, Sand, oil pulp etc.
Large Pack 200 NOs
Small Pack 20 NOs