GM 100mm Suction Collecting 3 Way (GM BODY)

  • Size
  • Inlet
  • Outlet
  • MOC - Body/All Parts
  • Non Return Valve
  • Other Working Parts
  • Chain
  • Blank Cap
  • Test Pressure
  • Working Pressure
  • Body
  • Other Parts
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  • Guarantee (From Manufacturing Defect)

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Gunmetal 100mm Suction Collecting 3 way with PVC CAP With GI Chain (Body Gunmetal & Working Parts Gunmetal)

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30-day money-back guarantee
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Specifications for GM 100mm Suction Collecting 3 Way (GM BODY)

Design Parameters
Size 63mm (2 1/2")
Inlet Male Instantaneous (NRV) - 63mm x 3 Nos
Outlet Female Round Thread - 100mm
MoC (Material of Construction)
Blank Cap Female Blank Cap - Rubber or PVC
MOC - Body/All Parts Gunmetal
Non Return Valve NRV - GM
Other Working Parts Gunmetal
Chain GI
Inspection Parameters
Test Pressure 21 Kg/Cm2
Working Pressure 7 Kg/Cm2
Body Powder Coated Red
Other Parts Buff Polished
Guarantee (From Manufacturing Defect) 1 year