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When it comes to pumping types, there are two main types that are pumps for domestic and agricultural water. These two types are further divided into categories, which include: water pump, irrigation pump, centrifugal pump, submersible pumps, etc. We use domestic to draw water for our domestic purposes.

CI 80mm Foot Valve-Ball Type - NORMAX Make
42.86 42.86 42.86 USD
New generation valve with unique and non-conventional design.
This valve is offered in one side threaded and other side strainer design.
Suitable for a very wide range of applications like slurry, sewage, paper,
chemical, water supply, agriculture, muddy water, slurry, paper stock,
viscous liquid and clear water. Robust and very simple mechanism.
A floating reinforced rubber coated ball is used instead of hinge-pin-disc.
Highly sensible to arrest flow with perfect sealing. Very low head loss .
Non clogging and self cleaning mechanism .
Installation can be vertically or horizontally. Operates silently upto 80 oC
BR 10mm Ball Valve-Zoloto
3.67 3.67 3.67 USD
MS 300x1200mm Air Vessel- 8mm Thickness
458.81 458.81 458.81 USD