Fire Protection System

Discover all different types of components of Fire Alarm System and all you would like to know about Fire Detection System.

Fire safety is integral for business owners. A fire can spark in an instant and spread within seconds. Businesses investing in fire protection systems realize significant benefits when the systems perform as expected. These systems reduce damage to the building, expensive equipment, documents, and inventory. Fire suppression systems, smoke detectors, and sprinkler systems are all types of fire protection systems that help with fire detection and protecting building occupants and equipment.

GM 63mm Hydrant Valve ISI
0.00 0.0 USD
Devraj Make Gunmetal 63mm Hydrant Valve (Oblique Pattern Landing Valve - Single Headed) with Instantaneous Outlet bearing ISI Mark as per IS 5290

Available in the following variants
OD - 200mm, 185mm, 190.5mm
PCD - 160mm, 145mm, 152.4mm
Thickness - 12mm, 18mm
CI 80mm Butterfly valve PN-16 - HONEYWELL
39.09 39.09 39.09 USD
Honeywell Manual Butterfly Valve, Handlever Operated, CI Body, DI Disc, PN16,
Wide Size range (DN50…DN900)
• Operated by Lever or Gear Box.
• 90 deg opening/closing operation.
• Cast iron Body with powder coating.
• Epoxy Coated Ductile Iron disc.
• Wafer type Connection
CI 80mm Butterfly Valve PN16-Zoloto
28.53 28.53 28.53 USD
CI 80mm Foot Valve-Ball Type - NORMAX Make
42.41 42.41 42.410000000000004 USD
New generation valve with unique and non-conventional design.
This valve is offered in one side threaded and other side strainer design.
Suitable for a very wide range of applications like slurry, sewage, paper,
chemical, water supply, agriculture, muddy water, slurry, paper stock,
viscous liquid and clear water. Robust and very simple mechanism.
A floating reinforced rubber coated ball is used instead of hinge-pin-disc.
Highly sensible to arrest flow with perfect sealing. Very low head loss .
Non clogging and self cleaning mechanism .
Installation can be vertically or horizontally. Operates silently upto 80 oC
BR Ball Valve PN 16 -Zoloto
0.00 0.0 USD
- Screwed Female Ends to IS 554 / BS 21/ ISO 7.
- Full Bore, Two Piece Design.
- Quarter Turn, Level Operated.
- Provided with Forged Brass Hard Chrome Plated Ball.
- Premium Quality PTFE Gland Packing and Seating.
- Chrome Finish.

- Test Pressure (Hydrostatic)
Shell : 25 kg/cm2g (350psig)
Seat : 16 kg/cm2g (225 psig)
- Maximum Working Temperature : 220 C

Suitable For - Water, Oil
CI Sluice Valve Non Rising Spindle PN-10 Zoloto
0.00 0.0 USD
- Design Reference Standard IS 14846 PN 1.0.
- Bolted Bonnet, Inside Screw, Non - Rising Stem.
- Rigid and Sturdy design.
- Hand Wheel Operated.
- Flanged Ends as per IS 1538.

- Test Pressure (Hydrostatic)
Shell : 1.5 MPa
Seat : 1.0 MPa
- Maximum Working Temperature : 45 C
Suitable for - Water
CI Sluice Valve PN-10 LEADER Make
0.00 0.0 USD
GR FG-200)Bolted Bonnet,
Inside Screw,Non- Rising Stem,Renewable Seat, Solid
Wedge,Cu - alloy ,
Stem SS IS 6603 (12 Cr. 13), Lubricated Hemp and
Jute, Carbon Steel
(IS : 1367) ,Rubber (IS 638 Type B),Flanges as per
IS:1538,PN 1.0 FF (Drilled)
As Per IS 14846B.T.P. -1.5 MPa Hyd.,: S.T.P. - 1.0 MPa
Fire Sprinkler Set
0.00 0.0 USD
##SS 20mm Ball Valve ANANT
3.47 3.47 3.47 USD
CI 300mm Sluice Valve PN-16 KARTAR Make
910.25 910.25 910.25 USD
MS 300x1200mm Air Vessel- 8mm Thickness
454.02 454.02 454.02 USD