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Fire Vehicle Accessories

Fire fighting equipment is equipment designed to extinguish fires or protect the user from fire. It may be used by trained fire fighters, untrained users at the scene of a fire, or built into a building's infrastructure (such as a sprinkler system).

MS 63mm Dividing Breaching with 63mm MI and 3 x 38 mm FI with SS ball valve
0.00 0.0 USD
MS 63mm Dividing breaching with 63mm male instantaneous and 3 Nos of 38 mm Instantaneous Female outlet with SS ball valve
SS 100mm MI X 100mm FBSP Adaptor
0.00 0.0 USD
SS 100mm Male Instantaneous X 100mm Female BSP threaded Adaptor
GM 100mm Water Ejector Pump Chrome plated
0.00 0.0 USD
Aluminium alloy 100mm Water Ejector Pump
AL Hydrant Key & Bar
0.00 0.0 USD

MS Hydrant Key & Bar for Underground Hydrant Valve
100mm Basket strainer made from Cane
30.59 30.59 30.59 USD

100mm Basket Strainer IS: 3582
SS Fire Hook as per IS: 927
22.94 22.94 22.94 USD
Fire Beater as per IS: 8096
0.00 0.0 USD

Fire Beater AS PER IS:8096
Hose Bandage IS 5612 PT. - II
3.50 3.50 3.5 USD
Hose Bandage IS: 5612 PT.-II
BR 250mm Fire Bell
0.00 0.0 USD

Brass 250mm Fire Bell
Fireman Axe Belt (Leather)
12.27 12.27 12.27 USD
Fireman Axe pouch (Pouch Only)
7.65 7.65 7.65 USD
AL Hose Washing Machine
125.38 125.38 125.38000000000001 USD
This item is being used for quickly washing the hose . it Initializes the pressure from the installed fire system and moves the pipe along with the flow and washes the hose simultaneonsly
Fireman Axe as per IS 926 (Comm)
11.47 11.47 11.47 USD
Fireman Axe IS:926
Door breaker
0.00 0.0 USD
Door Breaker
AL 63mm Inline Inductor with Pick-up Tube
0.00 0.0 USD

AL 63mm Inline Inductor with Pick-up Tube 225 - 450 LPM
AL 63mm Single Stand Pipe
0.00 0.0 USD
Aluminum Alloy 63mm Single Stand Pipe
Canvas Hose Clamp IS:5612 PT.-1
9.24 9.24 9.24 USD

HOSE CLAMP TYPE TO IS:5612 (PI-I) 77 Size 100 mm (W) x 450 mm (L)
MS Hydrant Key & Bar
0.32 0.32 0.32 USD

MS Hydrant Key & Bar for Underground Hydrant Valve
GI/SS 75/100/137mm Suction Wrench
0.00 0.0 USD

MS 75/100/137mm Suction Wrench
GM 32mm Spare Nozzle
24.06 24.06 24.060000000000002 USD
AL 100mm Water Ejector Pump
0.00 0.0 USD
Aluminium alloy 100mm Water Ejector Pump
140mm Basket Strainer
35.21 35.21 35.21 USD