ABC 2kg Fire Extinguisher - ISI Marked - SAFETECH

  • Design Standard (General Reference)
  • Charged Weight
  • Capacity
  • Extinguishing Agent
  • Total Height
  • Diameter
  • Fire Rating
  • Used for which Class of Fire
  • Discharge Time
  • Jet Range
  • Test Pressure
  • Service Pressure
  • Brand
  • ISI Marked?
  • Guarantee (From Manufacturing Defect)

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(MAP 17 to 30%)

ABC Type Fire Extinguisher 2 Kg capacity with ISI Mark as per IS 15683 (Safetech Make)

Extinguishing Agent - Mono Ammonium Phosphate (Generally know as ABC type Dry Chemical Powder)

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Specifications for ABC 2kg Fire Extinguisher - ISI Marked - SAFETECH

Design Parameters
Design Standard (General Reference) IS 15683
Charged Weight 3.5 kg
Capacity 2 kg
Extinguishing Agent MAP (Mono Ammonium Phosphate)
Total Height 375 mm
Diameter 108mm
Functional Parameters
Fire Rating 1A :8B
Used for which Class of Fire Class-A, Class-B, Class-C & Electric Fire
Discharge Time 17 Sec.
Jet Range 3.5 Meter
Inspection Parameters
Test Pressure 35 Bar
Service Pressure 15 Bar
ISI Marked? Yes
Guarantee (From Manufacturing Defect) 1 year